My work is based on the exploration of technical elements of photography and trying to push them to their limits. I work with a combination of digital and analog mediums and play with the interaction between the two. My earlier work was about place and how the camera can transform a physical location or area into something new. In my project “The Town 2015” I explored Humboldt County California. This project was not a representation of the city itself but a visual construction of my experiences. Emphasized by the use of black and white small format film, the city is seen through a mask of grain and grit and unusual places and instances are revealed. These images are documents and constructions through which I unveil my version of Humboldt County to the viewer. In My more recent work, I am concerned with photography as a medium. "Floortraits 2017-" takes traditional large format photography and pushes the limits of portraiture. By placing the subjects on the ground with a view camera looming over them, they begin to enter their own world. They relax into a position and become involved with their surroundings. This project is about the intimacy and quietness of the model and the gaze of the camera. Focus shifts throughout the image, textures interact in new ways, the two dimensional and three dimensional planes construct compositions together. The body becomes expressive and the floor becomes home. My current project "A Voyage Home" returns to gritty 35mm film and explores what "home" means. It explores the restlessness and unease that comes from not feeling a sense of belonging or stability in any one place. A place can feel fragmented and isolating and this is captured by reproductions of small gestures and instances from an ever changing state of existence. This work is propelled by sequence and accompanying text that simulates the experience of running toward and away from home. In addition to my own work I am the co-owner of Contour Publishing, a non-profit publishing company that helps unknown artist produce fully realized physical versions of their work. I am also the co-founder and editor of Stem Magazine, a nonprofit submission based print magazine focusing on showing upcoming artists the value of print media in the internet generation.

Complete Works




B.A. in Studio Art, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA



California State University Long Beach (exchange program)​, Long Beach, CA



High school Diploma, American International School of Zagreb, Croatia





BreakWater, Contour Publishing



Issue I, Stem Magazine



Special Photography Issue, Humboldt State Biannual Magazine


Solo Exhibitions



David Got Lost in the Woods, Redwood Art Association Gallery, Eureka CA



David Got Lost in the Woods, Humboldt State Foyer Gallery, Arcata CA



Floortraits, Because Coffee, Eureka, CA


Group Exhibitions



Humboldt Photography Exhibition, Redwood Art Association Gallery, Eureka, CA

Portfolio Development Group Show, Redwood Art Association Gallery, Eureka, CA

Images of Water Group Show, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA

Resonance Group Show, Humboldt State Student Business Service Gallery, Arcata, CA

2019 Art Graduate’s Exhibition Group Show, Humboldt State Reese Bullen Gallery, Arcata, CA

61st Spring Exhibition Group Show, Redwood Art Association Gallery Eureka, CA 


Northwest Eye Group Show, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA





Reese Bullen Award

Tom Knight Award for Photography


 © 2018 by Elijah Howe

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